Kraus Capital Management is an independent, retirement-specific firm based in San Antonio, Texas. We are dedicated to helping AT&T employees retire more successfully. We believe that “retiree” planning is an area of specialty and requires specific attention to complex, interrelated issues. In response to these challenges, we have developed a customized, proprietary approach to quickly provide answers on where you stand and what’s possible. So, if you are nearing retirement and feel like you are behind in your planning, nervous, worried or maybe even a little scared – we are ready to help you make sense of things, discuss options, test various scenarios and hopefully put your mind at ease and confirm you’re on the right track.


Unpacking years, sometimes decades of financial behaviors and maybe a fair amount of misinformation, myths, and misconceptions. Our job is to deconstruct complicated concepts – and help install the right investor behaviors.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: Do our best to help preserve and grow client assets to protect their present and enable their future.

What We Offer

We are laser focused on the delivery of our services to our clients and their experience engaging with our firm. That translates to a lot of planning, advice, frequent communication, leveraging technology and thinking about what matters most to clients.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Kraus Capital?

We work with two distinct groups of clients – because we are able to deliver the greatest value when we focus on complex situations that require our expertise. This allows us to tailor our services and expertise to the unique needs of retirees.

Typical clients are:

AT&T employees, age 55 or older. Most are mid to high-level employees, skilled technicians, managers and directors, who have worked for the phone company for at least 20 years.
The other group includes professionals, corporate executives, business owners/entrepreneurs, individuals and families with substantial and complex assets that are retired or close to it and have accumulated $750,000 or more in investable assets.

Both groups are ready to clarify, simplify and organize their financial lives. They are looking for an experienced, credentialed, trusted advisor to deliver a comprehensive approach – defining objectives, analyzing options and implementing strategies to help them achieve their goals. They want to address their questions, reduce financial worries and decrease complexity so that they can focus on what matters most to them. They seek professional knowledge, expertise and support to align their investment strategy with their financial goals. They see the value in partnering with my firm, Kraus Capital Management, to design, implement and manage an investment strategy, including investment research, analysis and selection. Our clients view our professional management as a way to accomplish investment objectives while freeing up valuable personal time and understand that the success of their retirement is too important to manage on their own.

They know that we will do our best, put them first and keep a watchful eye on their investments and best interests. They expect us to focus on managing their investments, staying tech proficient, and communicating with them frequently.

If either of these descriptions sound like you, we would love to schedule a 15 minute call.

While we would love to help everyone, we have very intentionally limited the number of clients we serve in each category so that every client gets the personalized attention they need and deserve.

If you feel you are not a fit for either of the criteria listed above, we suggest that you visit to find a Certified Financial Planner near you.

Brian Kraus, CFP®, CFS

Founder & CEO

From a young age, I’ve had an interest in finance. I was introduced to investing in stocks and mutual funds by my father, David Kraus. Since then, I’ve built an arsenal of financial knowledge that I love sharing with people. During my time serving in the Air Force, I discovered my passion around the idea of helping and educating others with their personal finance and investing challenges. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration and leaving the military, I transitioned into the financial services industry.

Today, I’m a Certified Financial Planner® with over 20 years experience. With an in-depth knowledge of pension and 401(k) plans within the telecom industry, one of my areas of expertise is assisting AT&T employees in planning their retirements. Regardless of who I’m working with, my focus is on providing personalized service, comprehensive financial planning, wealth management and retirement coaching.

I began my career working with Merrill Lynch for 3.5 years. Then landed a job at Sacramento’s premier independent financial advisory firm, Hanson McClain. As a Financial Advisor with Hanson McClain, I was entrusted with the day to day oversight of one of their fastest growing local offices. After three years at the local level, I jumped at the opportunity to spearhead the opening of their first out of state office in San Antonio, Texas. Chosen to represent Hanson McClain in San Antonio was an honor considering their extensive work with telecom employees and San Antonio being the location of AT&T headquarters at the time.

After six years with the firm and an ownership stake, I was presented with the opportunity to acquire the San Antonio location. I formed Kraus Capital to continue my work with a more intimate number of clients and offer more personalized attention.

Passionate about education, I enjoy helping clients, as well as my community, learn more about investing and finance. I’ve presented hundreds of workshops and seminars covering a wide range of financial topics for people all over South Texas.

Outside the office, I spend all the time I can with my wife of 22 years and our kids. A man of many interests, I enjoy photography, music and movies, coffee, traveling, reading, watching tennis and soccer and am obsessed with staying active, whether I’m playing tennis or working out.

I dedicate time each week to answering questions from people all over South Texas on financial matters. If you have something you want to know more about, have a specific question that relates to our services or something on the site, or just need a little free guidance – feel welcome to reach out with the contact form to the right. Generally, I’m able to personally respond within 24 hours. If I’m backlogged or out of the office one of my staff will reply and set a time we can can catch up and get your questions answered.

*To obtain the CFP® certification, one must fulfill rigorous education and experience requirements set by the CFP Board. This financial planning education process is met by completing a comprehensive course of study that spans subject matter including investment planning, retirement planning, income tax planning, estate planning, insurance planning, and fiduciary responsibility.

Rebecca Kraus

Chief Financial Officer
Office Manager

Rebecca’s job is making sure our team has everything they need to be their best. She heads up client service and coordinates between our back office service team in Fort Worth, TX as well as our insurance team on the east coast. She completes/reviews all paperwork and client correspondence, manages vendors, tracks compliance requirements.

“When Brian founded his firm, it was based on sound academic research and a pledge to always do what is best for his clients. In an industry that has been through its’ fair share of controversy over the years, I’m proud to say that Kraus Capital has never faltered from its goals. I’m excited to be part of the team.”


My first full-time job was working as a Personnel Specialist in the United States Air Force. I left after 5 years to finish my Bachelor’s degree. I worked for many years after as a Bodily Injury Claims Adjuster for both USAA in San Antonio and in Sacramento, CA and with Nationwide Insurance in Sacramento, as well. Even though my focus in college was Psychology, I have always been interested in numbers and how they impact the world around me. I loved working with different insurance companies, learning about the industry, understanding their complicated system requirements and helping customers through difficult times. Ten years ago when Brian ventured off to start Kraus Capital, I was one of his first “unofficial” employees, always listening to ideas and helping him build his practice. Now that the kids are older I’ve decided to dive back into full-time work and am enjoying every minute of it! I found my skills that were developed in the insurance sector were a good complement for a career in the financial services industry and now am a part of the permanent Kraus Capital team.


Outside of work I am most passionate about the health and happiness of my family, being a trusted friend, and always trying to learn and grow.


I enjoy spending time gardening, cooking, hiking and traveling with Brian and our kids or playing with our three dogs. That’s right -I said 3 dogs – how is there time for anything else??

Jennifer Schuetz

Client Service Representative

Jennifer’s primary duty is making sure clients have anything and everything they want or need. From scheduling appointments, managing calendars, coordinating client events, service items, to sending documents to your other professionals, Jennifer is our clients’ primary point of contact.


After my first son was born, my husband and I decided that I would take on a new job. I became the CEO of the Schuetz household. Being able to help guide and mentor our two boys has been the most important and rewarding job for me. After being home for almost 20 years, 1 wanted to find what was next. With our children growing up together at school, we became friends with Brian and Rebecca – it was meant to be! I am looking forward to learning as much as 1 can about the financial industry and provide the best customer service to Kraus Capital clients.


You can find me living life to the fullest with my husband, two boys, Austin (20) and Samuel (17) and our dog Bentley. As a family we love to travel (especially fishing), go to movies, attend sporting events, family dinners and game night. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, working in the yard, yoga and shopping.


My husband and I enjoy time at the beach, camping and wine tasting. One of our goals is to venture to wine country to experience the beauty of Napa Valley and of course, the wine…